Friday, March 7, 2014

Off to the Shrine Circus!

The boys had never been to the circus and now that Sawyer can read, it was hard to ignore all the huge Shrine Circus billboards all over town! The last time that I went to the circus was in Brazil and they shot a little guy out of a cannon with no clothes on.....thankfully everyone remained clothed this time :)

We invited Sawyer's friend Kristin to come with us and the two of them had an absolute blast together!

They had everything from dancing poodles, a crocodile tamer, trapeze artists, a dancing elephant motorcycle daredevils...but out of all those cool things, Raylan was most excited about the popcorn guy that kept coming around with giant bags of honey popcorn. Every time he would walk by, Raylan's little hand would shoot up in the air and he would start yelling! 
All this while he's elbow deep in his own popcorn bag....

We let the kids each pick out a souvenir and they all picked the light-up bubble guns. 

Raylan kept sticking the end of it in his mouth and then pulling the trigger as if he was actually blowing the bubbles out himself :) He had one hand in the popcorn bag and one pulling the trigger on the gun....made for some really interesting tasting popcorn!

These two wanted to sit a few seats down from us.....has this started ALREADY?!?!

Bubble guns never get old!

See? This is how the cool kids do it.

Afterwards we went down to the circus fair to see the animals....and the clowns. Raylan HATED them.

This week was Dr. Seuss week at school and each day they dressed up in different stuff  in honor of it. Last night at 10:15 p.m. Sawyer gets out of bed and says, "I need a whole Dr. Seuss costume to wear tomorrow!" ummmmmm WHAT?? So I threw this together this morning before school, he took another head piece and the 'Thing 2' sign for any other friends at school that had forgotten their costumes..... 

Have you seen the movie, "The Lorax"? It's so cute. If you haven't, the gist of the movie is that there is this guy who lets greed get the best of him and he ends up cutting down all of the colorful truffula trees to make these scarves called sneeds. In the end he realizes his mistake and tries to make it right. So the whole point of the story is to save the trees, be respectful and responsible for the environment. 

Sooooooo the reason for all of that, was so you would get the irony of this paper that Sawyer brought home the other day from school. They had just read the book and were supposed to write down what THEY would have done of they found the last truffula tree.....(with the intent that they would talk about being responsible for the earth etc....) 

So here's what Sawyer said:

If I found the last Truffula tree, I would....

"eat the fruit then I would chop it down then I would make a thede (sneed)." 

ummmm.....I don't think he got the point of the

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